Friday, 31 December 2010

The End Of Another Year

I had my forecast for 2010 prepared by a celebrity astrologer this time last year and I thought it would be interesting to go back and see what he got right .

He said:
- I would get a pay rise before my birthday in February …..WRONG !
- I may change jobs and even move home ……WRONG !
- Travelling abroad would be a distinct possibility…..WRONG !
- Although I have a good network of friends, I should nurture my friendships more as I could fall out with a few this year…..WRONG, though to be fair I have been pondering the meaning of friendship recently.
- My marriage will continue to be problem-free and we will work well as a couple….. well that was obviously WRONG to start with but things have been good this year
- I need to be careful about my health, as I will be prone to a number of common ailments like flu and stomach problems ….. I laughed that off at the time but it was the one he came closest to as I ended up in hospital in September and quite frankly, I haven’t been right since, so I’ll give him that one !
- My life still has a way to go before things will settle enough for me to start unravelling the knots ……RIGHT ! I have started “unravelling” but it feels as if there’s still such a lot to sort

So I think we conclude that on the whole our astrologer friend was …a bit crap. But that’s OK, he’s a nice guy so let’s just forgive him and move on!

Thinking back over the last year, my therapist has been good and my sessions are now down to once a fortnight on his advice. I do feel much better and that cloud of depression has certainly lifted. I guess the worry is that I’m aware of it still hovering in the distance and I don’t want it to come back. Blogging about what Ewan did helped a lot. I think the problem is that that in the current climate when money is tight, I am constantly anxious that there could be a repeat which of course puts a strain on him as he is constantly trying hard to prove to me that was a one off mistake but I can’t, or won't, forget it. That said, I have felt very warm towards him recently and we’ve been getting on well but somewhere deep down I’m still scared of something and so I know I’m holding back. We started entertaining more again this year and I really believe that has been good for us as it is what we used to do early on in our marriage.

My nephew Daniel got married this year but with a special wedding there is always a funeral. This year there were two – my darling young friend Maria and a newer friend, Anna, who died suddenly. That resulted in me nearly getting back with Matt but fortunately I saw sense and ended it with him once and for all in February. I just feel very embarrassed now about my whole fling with him. What was I thinking?

That feeling of foolishness deepened when I found out later in the year that what I thought was a very special relationship with Chris all those years ago, was really no more than just a notch on his bedpost as I learnt about a string of other women who thought they were “special”. I cringe every time I think about it

Much better not to think about any of that and instead, focus on my lovely children. This year Kyle got 10A*s in his GCSEs - I still can’t get over that - and Sasha has written her own musical which will go on stage early in 2011. I’m so proud of them both.

I found out just this month that I have an uncle, cousin and niece that I knew nothing about. We plan to visit them in the States sometime next year.

And that’s it really. Although I can't let pass that I hit a hundred posts this year. However, the blogging has slowed down considerably and I don’t get the chance to read and comment on my favourites as much as I would like. It’s good in a way as it means I’m now actually living my life again as opposed to just writing about it but doing it less feels like something is constantly missing. Maybe, hopefully, I’ll strike a happier balance in the New Year.

Oh well, just a few hours left. Time to “dance one year in, kiss one goodbye”. Who knows, maybe 2011 will be ….the perfect year ! Here’s hoping.

Happy New Year to you all xx


  1. Well what an interesting year! And you haven't blogged so much recently because you've been doing other things! Good for you girl! (note for diary too many !s)

    Just one observation we who blog incessantly do have lives. It just that they sound better in print.

    2010 might have been a rollercoaster; let's hope tomorrow sees you on the carousel.

  2. Happy New Year to you too - hope you're able to strike a balance whereby you can live your life and still blog occasionally - we miss you!

  3. you had your ups and downs...stay away fromthe astrologer this hope you have a wonderful new year...

  4. Happy new year. It sounds like you are managing to strike the right balance!

  5. I have enjoyed being part of your year, and as of typing this so far haven't clapped eyes on your colleague that you're 'gifting' to us! All good so far then.
    right, you get the drinks will you luv, I'll just get these chocolates open...

  6. Happy New Year! It's been such a big one for you...discovering family you never knew existed and being able to open up to not only us, but the therapist too.

  7. Pretty much you have had an emotionally exhausting year, even with all the good things in it, you must be knackered and looking forwards to 2011.
    I hope hour health and family all stay well.

    A Stylish blogger Award for you from me! I hope, as I am not that great with the whole link thing. Pop over to my blog for the rules if you would like to come along. Happy New Year!

  8. Wow! There were some exciting parts of your 2010! I'd say a good year (for the most part).

  9. It sounds like you've learned a lot in the last year.

    2010 gave you what you needed to be a stronger person in 2011.

  10. P.S.

    If your American family live anywhere near me then we should plan a blogger meetup for when you come to the U.S.!