Monday, 7 June 2010

A Taste Of India

My nephew, well actually Ewan’s nephew as it his brother’s son, got married at the weekend.

I feel like Daniel is mine as he was only about seven when Ewan and I got together and I fell in love with him straight away as he was and still is, soooo cute. He often stayed with us during the school hols when he was little as both his parents worked away a lot and he went to a boarding school. As a result we are very close and Sasha and Kyle look up to him as their complete and ultimate hero. He is such a gentleman and I marvel at how perfect he is in every way – gorgeous looking (like a model), clever (he’s a doctor) and very affectionate and caring. I absolutely adore him and am very proud to call him my nephew.

He introduced us to Trusha when he was at university. She too was studying to be a doctor and they hit it off straight away. She is an incredibly beautiful Indian girl and they make such a perfect couple. She’s very close to her family and also very sweet and kind. She was worried that her family wouldn’t accept Daniel but of course, when she finally admitted she was seeing him and they met him, they fell in love with him too and gave their blessing. In the same way, I loved her the moment I met her – she is so special.

The wedding was up in York and even though we’re at the start of exam season, we made a weekend of it. On Friday, we spent the day with Dan and had a family evening with him which was lovely and then Saturday was the Big Day. Trusha and her family are Catholics so the wedding was a very traditional church affair. She was probably one of the most beautiful brides I have ever seen. It was a beautiful service and I think I cried more than Dan’s mum – I’m so pathetic !

It was the reception that made the day though. Trusha’s family spared absolutely no expense. They are clearly very wealthy and so it was held at their stunning home in a jasmine-filled marquee in their huge garden, which smelled exquisite.. Drink was flowing from the point we arrived and I was quite typsy long before we sat down to the meal. Her family were so hospitable and friendly and completely charming. They made sure all of Dan’s family had what we needed and they were also very entertaining. All the women were just stunning in their beautiful, colourful and vibrant, silk sarees and I felt very boring in my pale pink outfit. We were sitting at a table with Ewan’s sister and vile husband and Trusha’s aunt and uncle and their families and they really put us to shame as they are clearly very close and see a lot of each other.

And boy, did they know how to drink. Trusha’s aunt, Preeti, kept coming back from the bar with large measures of scotch and she didn’t seem at all affected whereas Ewan and myself were really quite drunk but desperatly trying to be well-behaved, although I couldn't stop giggling!!

There were lots of chidren and young people there and so we lost Sasha and Kyle very early on but they had a ball too. I just have to hand it to Trusha’s family as there was course after course of the most beautiful indian food (and boring bland English food for people like Ewan’s brother-in-law who “can’t stand” anything spicy !) and they insisted we tried everything which we did because it was all just gorgeous and unlike anything I’ve tried at Indian restaurants.

It was just a fantastic wedding and I think Indian families really know how to have a good time. The English side just came across as boring and actually, quite ignorant. I was speaking to Trusha’s mother, who is lovely, and while we were chatting, Dan’s gran (his mother’s mum) came over to say that she was having a lovely time and then she put her hand on Nisha’s arm and said “we knew what to expect about your culture because we watched ‘Bride and Prejudice’ last week and (…wait for this!) we went to Barbados a couple of years ago” !!!! Nisha just smiled and gave her a hug but I was deeply embarrased. What must they think of us ??

We didn’t leave until the early hours of the morning and we were surrounded by the London contingent of Trusha’s family who were insistent that we come to their regular parties as we are now part of the family. I feel so flattered by that. They were all such lovely, warm, kind people who look out for each other.

I want to be an honourary Indian !


  1. York is a wonderful city... as for people's ignorance... well. We're all ignorant about something; it's the attitude that's important and it sounded like the family were making the right, if factually incorrect, moves!

  2. LOL @ the gran's comment. I have very ignorant relatives. They embarrass me a lot, so I avoid them.

    My husband and love Indian food!! It's sooooo good!! And their naan bread reminds me a lot of our Mexican tortillas!

  3. Sounds like a fab day out, isn't it great when you meet strangers and you end up having such a cool time! I went to a white witch wedding once, that was fun too!

  4. You're right to want to be an honourary Indian... it's a wonderful country. I wrote a book about it once...

  5. PS: that's not a plug... it's a book for children.
    But it is available on Amazon.

    Oh darn... I'll get my coat!

  6. At least Gran came to the wedding and had a good time. Some members of my family would probably have not even attended, or done a "Judy" from Little Britain. The weirdest wedding I ever went to was a Mormon wedding between two MIND patients. Nobody was drinking because they were all on tranks.

  7. It must be so interesting, a society mixed with natives former colonial subjects from across a vast global empire.

    Trusha's family sounds enchanting, as does your nephew.

    The description of that banquet absolutely made my mouth water. I love trying new foods.

    Can your mother-in-law really have confused Barbados with the Indian subcontinent?

  8. I grew up in York from age 7 onwards until my late teens and most of my family still live there! A lovely place indeed, though seems very small to me now, whenever I make trips up there from the Big Smoke! I'm interested to know, does your nephew and his wife actually come from York? And whereabouts was the wedding? (I know the city pretty intimately!) (If you prefer to keep these details private I do of course understand!)

  9. Sounds like you had a grand time. Hope all well with you.

  10. yeah. it would be nice to have a few more people looking out for your back than trying to walk all over it...neat experience...

  11. Oh, congratulations to Daniel & Trusha...may they have a long and happy life together. They both sound incredibly special...and it sounds like you guys had a blast...despite the blathering Grandma!

  12. Sounds like you really had a good time. Indians always try to be nice - and I am glad you caught their emotion spot on. Have a great weekend. :)

  13. Unless you're a veggie, real Indian curries will bring you round to the virtues of using meat on the bone instead of boring chicken-breast fillets and whatnot.

  14. Indians are very smart and polite,
    they treat people very well ...
    best of luck..
    Happy Saturday!