Friday, 23 January 2009


I've been trying to get on with things and put all this out of my head but it's hard as I keep thinking of him, even though I don't really want to.

In a strange way, I am actually relieved that it's over but it's not a good feeling. At least the weird agony that came from me depending on him to make me feel good has gone. I have resigned myself to no more emails or texts and so I can stop myself getting excited when I hear the phone beep. I do keep hoping for something though because that would show then that he is missing me and that I did have an effect on his life. Maybe that would make me feel better. I wouldn't reply - it would just make me feel less ....rejected.

In fact, I would like to think that he was feeling really bad about all this and that he knows he brought it on himself with his bizarre change of behaviour towards me. I still don't really understand why he went cold all of a sudden. And if I'm honest, I'm disappointed that he just agreed to finish this without any fight at all. It was almost as if he was relieved. He did let slip once, when we were in bed and he was stroking my hair away from my face, that he was really scared this was going to end soon and that everytime he got a text or an email from me, he expected to read that it was over. That might be the reason he had such a ready response about quitting while ahead but I suspect he was just suddenly bored with it all and so happy to let it go.

I have just re-read the letter he wrote me though. It seemed really heartfelt. But then again, he's a bloke. Who knows whether they ever mean what they say.

Oh, what a bizarre few months!! His interest in me came completely out of the blue. It happened so quick and now it's over. It made me feel young again and attractive but now it's made me feel inexplicably sad. I think I handled myself well though. I pretty much kept to the rules I set myself after the whole Chris debacle - not losing control (much !), not giving anything away, not being too clingy. But then again, I wasn't completely besotted this time round, like I was then - just keen to see how things would unfold. And now I know.

I will get over this and but I guess I've got a couple of shit weeks ahead.

Monday, 19 January 2009

It's Over

So, it's been a whole weekend since I decided to get back in control and it has been a difficult one because there was no word from him. This time though, I chose not to contact him either, even though every fibre of my being wanted to pick up the phone.

On Friday evening, it was the singing group AGM. I nearly didn't go but then decided at the last minute that I would and as a result got there late when everyone was in and seated and so I had to make an entrance, which I could have done without. I clocked Matt in the front row with Kelly but I didn't look in his direction. I just made my way to the back of the hall and found a seat.

I hate those meetings. It went on forever and it takes the joy out of what is essentially a group that get together to sing because that's what we like to do. All this politic stuff about fees and setting a charter and opening it up a bit more or not by advertising more widely - god, it's dull.

Although I tried to stop myself, I kept realising that I was looking at Matt's back and watching him bend his head to Kelly as she kept whispering and giggling in his ear. As soon as the meeting was declared closed, I was out of there like a shot telling them all that I had to rush back. Didn't say a word to Matt - just left as as quickly as I could.

This morning, when I came into work there was an email from him. Was I OK? How come I hadn't been in touch for so long? How come I left the meeting so quckly? I ignored it but he sent another one half an hour later asking again if I was OK, which I replied to with a short I'm fine. Busy.

He asked yet again if I was OK and so then I told him that I wasn't. That I was tired and stressed and that I didn't really want to do this anymore. I didn't hear from him then until just now when he sent an email saying that he never wanted to stress me out and that if I felt like that maybe we should quit while we're ahead and just remember the fun times. I replied with a simple xx

So that's it. We're over. It came out of the blue when I wasn't really expecting it but it's good. It needed to end. At least this way, no one found out. No one got hurt. I can rise above this now it's over.

Oh who am I fooling? I feel terrible. I'm going home

Friday, 16 January 2009

Taking Back Control

I haven't slept very well recently and eating seems to be a skill I've completely forgotten. I know it's because deep down, however much I'm enjoying all of this, I've been anxious. Anxious that this is going to have to end some time and I don't want to be hurt; anxious because I'm betraying my family and yet I still continue so what does that make me; anxious because I'm letting things at work slip and anxious that I seem to have handed Matt control.

I realised this yesterday when I almost skipped into work after what was an exhilarating evening of passion with the boy. I hadn't been able to stop thinking of him, even as I lay in bed next to Ewan who I pushed away when he realised that I was awake and tried to get intimate. All I could think about as I got showered and dressed and made my way into work was talking to Matt about how much I had enjoyed our time together the night before, maybe reliving it and maybe hearing what he was going to do to me next time we were together. Even if I was only going to talk to him about the freezing weather I was just waiting to hear his voice.

When I got into the office, I called him but he told me he couldn't speak and would call later. I waited all morning for a return call or a text or an email but nothing - not a word. Against my better judgement, I sent him a text after lunch saying I had missed hearing from him and was he OK and after about an hour I got a curt one back just saying he was tired. No kiss, nothing.

I spent the afternoon in a bit of a daze, not quite understanding why after such an amazing night, when we left each other on such a high and he didn't even want me to go and kept trying to stop me, he was now being so distant. I couldn't focus on anything then and everytime a text came through or the little envelope appeared in my email box I got more and more upset that it wasn't from him. By the time it came to going home that despair had turned to anger. I hadn't done anything to be treated like this and I wasn't going to tolerate him being an arse.

I may have let him have control up to now but as I made my way home that night I decided to take it back. I'm not going to be reduced to a rejected fool by him. From now on (if there is a now on) I'm going to play it cool. This needed to happen, I think, because I was in danger of getting too involved.

But now, I have seen sense.

Monday, 12 January 2009

A New Year....

I surprised myself with how upset I was at not hearing from Matt.

However, when I arrived at work the next day there was a massive bunch of flowers waiting for me in my office ...from him. They were gorgeous and in the midst a card saying:

What you told me has shaken me up big time. I don't know what I did to make you feel like that but can we talk. Please. I need to make this right. I can't lose you.

God, I felt such a bitch then. After all, HE didn't do anything. It was me and my guilty conscience. Guilty about what we've been doing, guilty about Kelly and most of all guilty about Ewan and the family. But all that aside, I still selfishly want to be with him and that gorgeous bouquet just made me even more certain about that.

I called him immediately and said I was sorry and he seemed genuinely pleased to hear from me. He asked if he could take me out to lunch and as soon as he pulled up, I jumped into his car and couldn't help but kiss him passionately which was a risk as anyone from work could have seen.

Since then, I've seen him most days. I usually go round to his flat after work. I've said a heavy workload has kept me late and the family seem to accept that as that's the way my job goes sometimes. In truth though, I've done no work at all and handed some pretty big events to some of the junior members of my team and just let them get on with it. There's going to be a disaster soon I know, but I don't care.

I just want to spend as much time as possible with Matt. I love being with him. He makes me feel like the sexiest woman on earth. I don't feel old anymore and I've now lost almost a stone and everyone has commented on how well I look.

Last week, the singing group had a social - New Year drinks - and we were both there. Most of the time we stayed at opposite ends of the bar but he came over once during the evening when I was talking to one of women about the lost art of handwritten correspondence. We were bemoaning the fact that it's all emails and texts nowadays and no one sits down and writes meaningful letters anymore. I told her that much to my children's amusement, I have a stack of letters that Ewan and I sent to each other in the very early days. They're tied up with pink ribbon and for them are testament to the fact that we really are from the olden days before computers and mobile phones! It was just one of those conversations you have and I had forgotten it almost as soon as I'd had it.

The next evening, when I arrived at Matt's flat, he told me he had something for me and gave me .......a letter! He led me to his bed, laid me down and asked me to let him watch me read it. So I opened it and it was beautiful. While he undressed me, I gloried in his amazingly artistic handwriting, in proper ink and on gorgeous paper. I took in every word as I read that getting together with me had been the best thing that has happened to him. That he loves every second he spends with me and once I'm gone he counts the minutes until I'm back in his arms. That when I'm due round at his flat, he can hardly breathe til I get there and that his heart misses a beat when the doorbell rings. That I am amazing, he has never met anyone like me and he loves being with me. And finally, that he doesn't want this to end.

If any of my friends told me a lover had sent them something like that, I might have wanted to be sick but I was completely overwhelmed after reading it. I'm losing control here. I should keep sight of the fact that he is after all a bloke and that he is working hard to push all my buttons to get what he wants (because he got what he wanted and more that evening) but hey, who cares...I'm loving it!

And more worryingly, I'm starting to believe it.