Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Such Glee

I miss singing so much. It has always provided an outlet for me that I can’t seem to find anywhere else but at the moment I can’t return to my singing group while Matt is there.

However …… a new Glee-style show choir has started near where I work that operates on a drop-in basis.

I went last night. We sang “Someone To Love”. We did all the parts, everyone was having a ball, I sang at the top of my voice and I have to say, we made a great sound!

Today, I am beyond happy !!

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

That Long Hot Summer

My lovely blogger friend, Ian published a post a while back that reminded me of the long, hot summer I had between leaving high school and starting university.

Just two days after I finished school I took a selection of clothes round to my friend's house for her to borrow on her family trip to Austrialia. She lived on the same road as Mr Delaney. I said goodbye and left her at exactly the same moment that my gorgeous economics teacher was leaving his house. He greeted me very warmly and asked what I was off to do. When I said nothing he asked me if I wanted to go to the pub with him. Of course I said yes! And that was the start of a relationship that lasted the whole of that summer.

Of course, as my teacher (I was 18, he was 28) he probably should have steered clear. But technically, I was no longer his student. We both knew it was something to keep quiet though. He never asked me to but I instinctively knew it was likely to cause trouble and so it was my big secret!

But it wasn't as seedy as maybe it sounds. He was such lovely company and I think he saw me as his very own "Pygmalion" project. He took me to art galleries and exhibitions and the theatre and he even introduced me to opera. We did "La Traviata" long before it was a famous scene in "Pretty Woman". And we went for long romantic walks and picnics. He was a great cook and he made me some fantastic meals on the nights I stayed over. He also introduced me to fantastic sex and taught me just how to make a man happy…. and said that I was a very good student !! Sometimes we just spent days in bed.

I loved the time I spent with him but he was clever enough to make me look forward to university and all the opportunities I would have there to continue to broaden my mind. So, when it was time for him to go back to school I was ready to say goodbye without any tears or angst (well, not much!)

I never saw him again. I heard a few years later that he had been out with my friend's sister for a short time, so he clearly had a thing for young girls but then, a few years after that, I heard he had married one of the games teachers at the school. I was totally shocked because she didn't seem to be his type at all. She was from New Zealand, was at least the same age as him (if not older), had a crazy, mad perm and looked and sounded like a man! The last I heard, about five or six years ago was that he'd had a heart attack and a friend told me that she saw him in town once, looking very old. He can only be in his fifties so that didn't sound good.

I wonder if he ever thinks of me. I'd like to see him again - just to say thank you. He was gorgeous and made a woman of me and gave my confidence a huge boost.

Whatever anyone else may think, I really do treasure those memories.

Sunday, 4 April 2010

One Hundred Today !!

So, I was all fired up to write the follow-up to my last post, when I noticed that this entry is my 100th! ONE HUNDREDTH !! I have written a hundred posts. I mean I know that’s not such a big deal, given that I started the blog back in 2008 but still….a hundred !!

That’s a hundred little peeks into my sad old life! But actually, writing those one hundred entries has made me not so sad….. I think! It has certainly helped me along a path of discovery.

So I think I’m going to pat myself on the back! It’s not something I do often but I will today. It’s Easter after all. I shall sit back this afternoon munching chocolate and smiling at how very clever I am !!!

I’ll go back to the “woe is me” writing, next time ……. !!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

Back To School

Both my children are busy revising for their exams. My daughter has her A-levels this year and my son takes his GCSEs. I feel sorry for them as their Easter hols won’t be much fun with the amount of work they have to do.

It has made me think back to my school days. I studied English, French and Economics for my A-levels and the only reason I took Economics was because it was taught by Mr Delaney!

He was also one of the games teachers and was often wandering around in his shorts. And he had a little dark-green MG sports car. He was so good-looking - all the girls thought so. He was a dark-haired version of David Soul in his “Starsky and Hutch” days. When I was in the fifth form, he winked at me once as I was heading back to the girls’ changing rooms after PE and I thought I was going to stop breathing !! (In those days nobody of the opposite sex noticed me, unless it was to take the piss out of the train-track brace on my teeth and my lank, slightly greasy hair!) But because he bothered to wink, and because he was so gorgeous, I decided to take Economics!

It was when I entered the Sixth Form that I think I started to become more aware of myself. I went through a bit of a dramatic change. The brace came off to reveal gorgeous, straight white teeth and suddenly it was easy to smile, which I did readily. I had a soft perm (come on it was the eighties - we all had one, even the boys!) and so that limp hair was suddenly voluminous with no hint of grease. Eyeliner and lipstick became my best friends and with no school uniform to hold me back, I used “Dallas” (the soap, remember?) as my fashion inspiration, particularly Ms Victoria Principal who played Pam. My legs had suddenly lengthened and the puppy fat on my thighs and hips had fallen away and so I was either in skin tight trousers and heels (which helped me to walk with a bit of a sway) or dresses with tight belts and huge shoulder pads. Come on, I looked fabulous !

I became aware of male attention for the first time in my life and finally got myself a proper boyfriend. He was one of the best looking guys in the school so I was seriously impressed with myself. I made him wait but at seventeen, I finally had sex. Probably the last girl in the school to get round to it but at last I was a proper “woman”. Thing is, I didn’t like it that much. Well what was to like? It was usually hurried and a bit fumbly and just not particularly pleasant. He certainly didn’t take me to the heights that Bobby clearly took Pam to (in “Dallas”, remember??)

I gave it just over a year but then I decided that I really needed to concentrate on my A-levels and stopped running every time he called and so, he dumped me!! It was OK. I was stressed with all the revision and my mum going on at me all the time, I didn’t need bad sex as well - though obviously at the time I didn’t know it was bad sex.

Looking back, it was probably for the best that the sex was dull. It meant that I concentrated on my revision without any desperate longing for what had been and it also meant that there was oh, so much better to come !