Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Failed Resolutions !

After all my resolutions to create a better blogger/life balance, I realise I have failed so far!

But I have a very good excuse!

Do you remember Mandy and Hugh ?? Well Hugh proposed to Mandy soon after I wrote about them and they set the date for the end of January 2011 but then Hugh’s dad died and we all assumed that it would probably be postponed as Hugh was naturally very upset and not in wedding planning mode. However, at the end of October he told her that he wanted to go ahead with the original date.

At the beginning of December, I called Mandy to tell her I thought her wedding invitations were beautiful and she burst out crying and said that apart from the church and reception venue, nothing was sorted and that even the invitations and the guest list had been really difficult for her. She had dreamed of her wedding day for so long and now that it was here it seemed too big for her to manage. I felt so sorry for her so I immediately volunteered to help, as planning events is what I do!!

So that is what I have been doing since. I managed to fit in our family Christmas but mostly, Mandy and myself have been working on getting everything ready and it has been really busy as there is so little time.

But I have loved it. Really loved it !

I have been in my element, and taking the stress out of it for Mandy and watching her enjoying it all, has been brilliant.

It all happens this Saturday and I can’t wait. And afterwards, I’ll be able to get back to blogging properly, I promise ........


  1. how cool of you to do that for her...have fun this weekend....

  2. Bet you're a star wedding planner! Hope everything goed great for the big day!

  3. You are a good friend, well done for stepping up. Have a great time!

  4. What a lovely friend you are. But I always suspected that about you.

  5. Have a great time on Saturday. It sounds like you all deserve it!

  6. Brilliant, what a star. Could you possibly organise my life please?

  7. I bet you organise a cracking do


  8. Good to see you back again and glad that you've been gainfully employed in pleasant distractions!

  9. I'm guessing you got someone else to do the drinks! Never mind, I'll have one this end for you and you can call down and collect it when you're able. Fabulous thing to have done for your friend with the wonderful first name!!