Monday, 11 January 2010

What The Stars Foretell

I started this New Year with a cold…..again. I seem to have been ill a lot lately which is most unlike me as I am not normally prone to bad health, which in turn, makes me a very bad patient!
Anyway, even though I'm still sniffing and coughing and sneezing all over the place, I'm back in the swing and ready to write my first blog post of the New Year…..

I met a celebrity astrologer at an event last week. He was a name in the Eighties and seems to be making a bit of a comeback. He was very full of himself but we got on really well and he was very friendly, if slightly barking! I thought he was just being nice because he thought I might be able to help him with his career by introducing him to various television execs etc - not that I know any particularly well apart from on a professional basis. However, later that same evening he texted me to say how lovely it was to meet me and hoped that we could keep in touch, which was quite unexpected but very sweet.

Then this morning, I came into an email from him telling me again how much he hoped we would become friends and, as a little gift, he had prepared my forecast for the coming year! I'm not into astrology at all and never read my stars but I thought it was a lovely gesture. Of course, I'd rather he'd have predicted this week's correct lottery numbers for me but I appreciate that is a tad ungrateful! I have decided to record his predictions here so that I can check at the end of the year to see just how good he is!

He started off by telling me that many Aquarians work in the media and that we all tend to have two sides to our personality. On the one hand shy, withdrawn, passive and sensitive and yet also extremely dynamic, active and extrovert. And in my case, he says I am attractive, magnetic and pleasing to my friends and colleagues even though I can be extremely demanding.
I'm quite intrigued by that as I have always maintained that I developed my outgoing side in order to cover up that shy side of me. Whenever I say that though, people laugh !!

He says that my New Year will start with a big bang, possibly with a pay rise before my birthday in February.
Highly unlikely in the current climate!

He predicts my hard work will bring rich dividends but that I may change jobs and even move home in the search for a better position.
I really can't see that happening given that I've been with the same company for a quarter of a century and have no desire to go anywhere else.

Travelling abroad is a distinct possibility.
But then it is every year, even though it has to be said I didn't get further than Glasgow in 2009!

According to him, my marriage will continue to be problem-free and we will work well as a couple although my desire to relocate may cause some discussion.
I thought his use of the word "continue" was interesting!

Apparently I need to be careful about my health, as I will be prone to a number of common ailments like flu and stomach problems.
Given that I sneezed over him a number of times at that do, it was a pretty safe bet to include that one.

He warned that although I have a good network of friends, I should nurture my friendships more as I could fall out with a few this year, if I am not careful.

He wrote a lot more bumph that I didn't understand about my house being in Uranus or something and Jupiter doing something which means this, that or the other but he ended with an interesting observation that the cluttered thoughts that had been filling my head towards the end of last year are unlikely to go away or become any easier to manage. That I had to handle mental and emotional issues that have been troubling me recently with a lot of care and composure as this transient episode in my life still has a way to go before things will settle enough for me to start unravelling the knots.

That seems a bit deep - I have no cynical, smart-arse comment for that one.


  1. It was Russell Grant wasn't it?! I saw him on Celebrity Mastermind last week and though he was a fruitcake! Not sure I believe in astrology but I must confess to having had a couple of uncannily accurate tarot card predictions that came completely and utterly true! Glad you're feeling better now - onwards and upwards eh? ;-)

  2. Ooh - sounds exciting. My Mum is really into astrology and had already read me my whole year (I'm a Tiger and it's the year of the Tiger so apparently it's going to be a good year - the year of new beginnings or something). And yes, I like the way he said your marriage will 'continue' to be strong. Erm...well maybe it is strong - you are still together!!! Interesting though. Hope your cold goes. We're all ill in this house at the moment. Never nice xx

  3. May your year unfold as it does (in a very pleasing way, I hope), and if you do that traveling and come out this way, give us a call.

  4. The thing with astrology - like inkblots - is that you can read a great deal about yourself into the randomest stuff and that this in no way devalues any insights gained.

    However, I suspect - like anyone doing that kind of work, that he's a very acute listener but that you were pretty discrete about a lot of things during the brief contact you had (speaking as someone who once read tarot cards on a market stall in a previous life).

  5. I always find that fortune tellers and astrologers have a lot of interesting things to say - even if they're totally wack (I once had someone tell me that my parents marriage wouldn't last long and that I'd be married by 25 and have a very smart daughter by the age of 27 and a very stupid son by age 29 --- my parents are still very happily married...and I'll be turning 25 this year and am certainly Not. Getting. Married).

  6. Haha, last time I saw an astrologer was when The Stud and I had a weekend away before the Scowly Teen was born. This chap sat in his tent at the market, told me I was going to travel and have at least one child (considering I was 8 months pregnant at the time, I thought his powers of observation were quite sharp)...none of the other stuff has come to fruition, however he also maintained I was going to perish in the middle east - somewhere I have never had any desire to go to and certainly not now!

  7. Oh it has to be Russell Grant. I recognise the way he describes things. It does all seem a little vague and inaccurate, apart from the last statement which is intriguing and possibye quite accurate given your current therapy situation. Hmmm. I wonder. I was cynical at first but less so now.

  8. I don't believe in that bunk either. I had my "future" read a long time ago and was told I'd have 2 children (I have 4) and my then husband was the love of my life (NOT) and I'd change careers (I haven't) and blah blah blah. Anyway, have fun with this and I'll be anxious to see how it all unfolded at the end of this year.