Saturday, 11 December 2010

Spreading Some Festive Cheer

So, a few weeks ago, my blogging pal Rosie Scribble wrote a post saying how she had got a free TV simply by commenting on a fellow blogger’s post who had written about getting a free washing machine.

All these freebies came courtesy of Appliances Online

She invited her readers to comment and I did, congratulating her but I couldn’t bring myself to ask for anything in particular as a) I was a bit sceptical and b) I could hear my mother’s voice from when I was young telling me never to ask for anything but always wait to be offered !!!

I forgot all about it then, until earlier this week when I received a surprise email from a lovely sounding gentleman thanking me for commenting on Rosie’s blog and OFFERING me the choice of some posh choccies or Amazon vouchers in return for just linking to them. And do you know, I’m happy to do that as deep down, I have a bit of a sneaking admiration for the clever route they have taken in their marketing.

So, here’s the link and feel free to leave a comment here saying what you were hoping Santa might bring as you never know, Appliances Online could be reading.

Meanwhile, do I go for chocolates or books or chocolates or DVDs or chocolates……oh, such decisions !!!


  1. Oh that's fabulous! I've seen a few posts where bloggers who commented on my post have received lovely gifts. It's a very clever and innovative marketing campaign on the part of Appliances Online. I think they are great, obviously! I'd go for the Amazon vouchers although that might make choosing something even harder!

  2. That's pretty neat!!!
    I would probably go for the amazon voucher!!

  3. How many hands have you got, can you carry all of them?? :-)

  4. Thanks for the link :-)

    No decision about it! Forget the books and DVDs! Just go for the chocolates! :-)


  5. It sounds like chocolates are winning!!

    I haven't seen this before, it is quite clever. And not nearly as invasive as some of the other sponsored posts.

  6. So do they have any vintage Vox AC30s?