Monday, 31 August 2009


So I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about blogging – I know, sad isn’t it?

On my last post, I answered the comments that had been left. You know, individual replies for each comment. I never normally do that because I feel most of the posts I write are a record of what has happened to me or how I am feeling about a personal situation. Once I have published it is done – nothing more to say. Of course, I love reading the comments that are then left, which advise or sympathise or offer another way of thinking about things. But I have rarely replied apart from the odd general message of thanks for all the comments left.

This time I did though, and actually the process of doing that helped me a lot. It made me think about my situation a lot more. I do try and write honestly but actually the introspection needed to reply, helps all the more. It wasn’t easy though. …

I leave comments on blogs that I read where authors don’t respond back and that is fine – I don’t mind at all. But then, on other blogs, I leave comments where I do get an individual reply which I have to admit, makes me feel that what I’ve said was valued and appreciated.

So what I want to know is, what is the etiquette here? Is it rude not to leave answers to comments that readers have taken the time to write or is it quite acceptable?

Just so it is clear, I’m inviting answers so comments would be gratefully appreciated. Whether I answer or not though remains to be seen …..!!!


  1. I'm not sure there is any hard and fast rules. As far as I can make out I think that if you want someone to read your own blog and leave a comment a good way to go about it is to read their blog and leave a comment. Whethe they return regularly depends on whether they like your writing or not. Doing this help me build up a lovely coterie of readers when I first started blogging. But blogging is quite a personal thing. You can do what you like on your own blog. Some people don't respond to comments. Other's respond generally, other's individually. All is fine and totally up to the blog owner. I began responding to comments a while ago and found it often added to my original posts. It also makes me feel like I'm part of a community and helps me get to "know" my fellow bloggers on another level. I have exchanged email addresses with some and although we don't communicate regularly in this way an odd email every now and then is always lovely to receive.

    I think you should do as you feel. Whatever you feel comfortable with is fine. Your regular readers will continue to visit because they like you and like your blog. :-)

  2. Good question, it's very time consuming leaving replys to every comment made but when i do i feel so much better. It just depends on how much time i have, i like to reply but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day and i find myself putting off writing another post as i haven't yet got round to replying to the comments left on my last one which just makes me feel guilty? So i think just as and when works best x

  3. Hi Selina,

    I walways comment on your blog posts, and love it when I get a comment back. Makes this whole blogging thing seem so much more personal, like we are real people! I write three blogs under various guises, and always get excited when I see a comment has been left!

  4. Well I think Steve summed it up beautifully. No hard and fast rules. It's nice to leave comments when reading people's blog posts, let them know at the very least that "Kilroy was here", and if moved by the spirit to say more or expand on the subject or tangential subjects, that is where things can start to take off, in all sorts of unexpected directions. It's also a question of time too, it may not always be possible to respond individually to every comment, although it is good I think to acknowledge that the comments are valued... in some shape or form...

  5. Typical, I finally get here and all the good answers have gone! I think you have answered your own question to some degree because we have all been coming here without replies anyway! Cheers, ears, amde you a drink at mine!

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  7. comments and replays makes blog live...

  8. I comment back to people who read my blog. In part it because I want to them to know they've been heard. And in part it's because I like it when other bloggers do it for me.

    There are no rules - it's your space, make 'em up to suit you!

  9. Hi Selina, I love it when you leave me comments, but know I don't always reply. I am grateful for your support and do read everything you write. I think commenting is a good way to build readership, which is one of my aims this Autumn.


  10. Thanks everyone.

    I think the consensus is no real rulesa and each to his own. So, I will just go with the flow and see how the mood takes me!

    But whether I reply, individually or not, in the future, please please know that I do value all the comments and so many of them have been really helpful and thoughtful. Thanks again.

    So now, on with the next post .....

  11. Hey! Thought I'd pop over and have say hi being as you kindly left a comment.

    Responding to comments. Hmm. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't - depends how varied they are. Sometimes a post needs quite individual responses and sometimes "Thanks, everyone!" seems perfectly adequate.

    Aside from that, if someone leaves a comment, I'll (usually) go and read their blog at some point and leave a comment there if I've anything to say.

  12. I know just what you mean. I usually see how the mood takes me, I don't think it's rude not to reply. Just so you know, I always read your blog but don't always leave a comment because I'm a bit crap!