Thursday, 12 March 2009


Today I was so excited when I woke up - like a child at Christmas. I haven't felt like that for such a long time and I must remember it for the next time I'm feeling sorry for myself.

I don't think I've ever been so keen to see the others. I just know they are going to be exactly the tonic I need. I can't wait to catch up with them and hear their news and laugh with them. We gel so well as a group and I think that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

I looked in the mirror as soon as I got out of bed and for the first time in ages, I liked what I saw ! That's partly because I left work early yesterday and made a long overdue visit to Tony, my hairdresser. See, there's something else I should have remembered to do when I was feeling miserable because he never fails to make me feel good.

I've been going to him since I was twenty. We hit it off straight away when we first met and I let him use me as a model when he was desperate to make it as a "celebrity hair stylist". We went to lots of hair and fashion shows and had a riot. One year, he was even nominated for Hairdresser of the Year and I was part of his raucous table at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London. He didn't win and was terribly bitter about it as he always has been when he loses anything. He's had a pretty wild life - on his fourth wife now I think!! Over the years, I've organised press events and various launches for him and often get him in when we need top stylists. As a result, I don't think I've paid for a haircut for over twenty years !

He made me laugh so much yesterday even though he was, as ever, incredibly rude. He started as soon as I walked into the salon, with his loud cockney voice,

"Oh my gawd ! Look what the cat's dragged in"
"Hello darling."
"Don't you darling me. How long's it been? You're supposed to come here every four to six weeks and when were you last here?"
"Oh I don’t know. Don't start"
"Don't start! Don't fucking start?? You can't wander in here when you feel like it and expect me to work bleeding miracles. Look at the state of you. Come over here and give me a kiss at least - you look like you need a hug."

He was right - I did need a Tony hug....even though he always manages to sneak in a quick squeeze somewhere inappropriate.

"What's the matter with you then? Why do you look so rough?"
"Oh shut up! I don't look that bad"
"Yeah you do - you look shit! Don't worry though I'll make you look like a goddess again...."

And he did. He washed my hair (he never lets anyone else do it) complete with the most sensual scalp massage which he does so well along with the regular running commentary that I get every time, that this is just a taster of how fantastic he would be with me in bed !! It's so pathetic that his practised flirtations really do make me feel good - they always have done.

As usual he asked me what look I wanted and as usual, he ignored me! I told him to cut it short but he refused. I maintain that a woman in her forties shouldn't have long hair but he says that I can carry it off because I don’t look like a woman in her forties - he convinces me everytime !! Mind you, he did cut a fair bit off and put lots of layers in it. I love it - it's very cute. He also covered the increasing grey and put in some copper highlights which I adore. I feel young again.

While I was there, I got a text from Matt asking me where I was and if I was free to talk. I messaged back saying no because I was having all my hair cut off. He texted back immediately saying he hoped that was a joke because my "lovely long hair" was one of the things that turned him on the most. He told me to pop by the flat on my way home so he could check me out. I ignored the text not intending to "pop by" at all but I felt so good when I left the salon and loved the way I looked so much that I couldn't resist.

He was very appreciative. He couldn't stop touching my hair and kissing me but I didn't let it go any further which I could tell perplexed him but he didn't push me. I think he knows that I don't want to do this anymore. Although, I have to say when he is telling me how beautiful I am and how he can't stop thinking about me I wonder if I really do want to end things......

Anyway, I didn't stay long. He asked me if I'd had my hair done for him and I put him straight and then told him about my friends, which is probably the most I've ever told him about myself. Of course, all he wanted to know was if I had slept with any of them! He also wanted to know where we were meeting and when I told him he said he would be stopping by to check I was behaving myself.

Telling him about it made me look forward to it even more. God, I hope it's not a disappointment. Maybe I'm building it up too much.....

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