Friday, 11 September 2009

Ciao Bella

Ewan is working in Italy for two weeks.

We decided to make the most of this opportunity by going over with him on Saturday until late last night when we left him there and returned home.

It was a great few days, if all too brief. I spent as much time as possible in the sun so that I'm ready for the winter and can stave off the SAD thing for as long as possible. As a result, I have finally managed to get a tan. I started to go a bit brown at the end of May when we had that glorious weather for a week or so but that disappeared fairly soon, along with any resemblance of a fine British summer. Now though, I'm happy and I have come into work in a short, floaty, summer dress and sandals to show off my berry brown skin to as many people as possible! Thing is, it's a bit cold ......

Anyway, I ate far too much while I was there but I take comfort in the fact that a lot of it was luscious fresh local fruit and veg: plump tomatoes; fiery peppery rocket; juicy blood red oranges; fat peaches dripping with what tasted like nectar from the gods and lemons the size of small grapefruits which made up the local liquor Limoncello, which is now my new favourite tipple (Sag, take note - I've brought back gallons and so need a recipe one Tuesday soon!) .

On Monday, the company that Ewan has gone over to work for had a barbecue to welcome all those who have made the trip and it was glorious. More eating and drinking, including a whole pig on a spit. I wasn't really sure about that as I don't like to see any resemblance to animals when I consume my meat - it makes me feel temporarily guilty. However, on this occasion the shame was just fleeting as I've never tasted such succulent pork - I went back for more three times !!!

At that barbecue, I met Elliot. Our eyes met across the gardens and I couldn't help thinking what a striking man he was. Before I knew it, he was by my side asking me what my name was and did I know I was the most beautiful woman there !!?? Of course, with an opening line like that I fell completely in love with him and we spent a lot of time together over the week. Ewan and the kids thought he was fab too as did my mother, who refused to accept that he was gay (oh, did I neglect to mention that bit?!) and kept flirting with him.

Watching her really makes me understand where the naughty side of me comes from and also how cringeworthy it is. I really hope I do it with more style than she does but I suspect I don't! Elliot didn't seem to mind - he thought she was great.

We're going to keep in touch and he's going to come stay with us and he's invited all of us to visit him in Oklahoma. Sasha observes that we are "bezzies" which apparently means best/soul mates. I think she could be right !! Although there was some competition, as we walked round the town, as to which of us could get more male reaction. I think he won by a mile.

I only got a "ciao bella" once!


  1. My dad lives in Italy and always brings me a bottle of Limoncello when he visits which unfortunately tastes vile to me. Might have to send it your way in future. I hope I can still pull left, right and centre when I hit my forties (gay men or otherwise). I'd love to see a picture of you, you elusive lady.

  2. Bloody good for you! You deserve to have something good happen - hope it does. :-)

  3. SAD? Curious - doctors (and my partner have occasionally speculated that I suffer from the reverse kind. I've never really got into Limoncello, I must admit - probably haven't found the right mixer...

  4. I sometimes have dreams about the tomatoes that I ate when I was in Italy (in 2003)!

    Ahh, Oklahoma where there is the waving wheat, that sure smells sweet...

  5. Hi Selina - here I am puffing and panting with your Limoncello recipe. I have pilfered it from another blog...

  6. Wow, what a great weekend! Hope the tan lasts a while and the good feel factor that goes with it.