Tuesday, 15 September 2009


I'm writing this in fury. In fact, I'm practially shaking with anger.

Late last night, I rescued my phone from the bottom of my bag and saw a text that had been sent earlier in the evening from Matt
"I'm lying here thinking about you in all alone in your bed. Text or call me when you can. I'm desperate to hear from you."

It was late but I sent him one back
"Too tired to play now. Talk to you tomorrow. Glad you're desperate for me though!!"

Surprisingly he didn't reply which is very unusual but I didn't think too much of it and went to sleep.

This morning, he messaged me saying that he is in big trouble because Kelly saw the text last night and wanted an explanation. He has me listed in his phone as Sel and tried to tell her I was a male friend of his who he'd earlier invited to play online poker with. She was having none of it though and was in a rage.

She wasn't the only one. Since reading that I too have been raging. What was he thinking of - texting me when she was around? What sort of stupid w@$&er does that? And what does he expect me to do about it??

I texted back that he was a complete arse and that I was furious and I didn't want to do this anymore and that he was to delete my details from his phone because I didn't want anything more to do with him.

He hasn't replied since but I really don’t care as I have had enough of him and this is the last straw. He can go to hell.

Tosser !


  1. Good for you. I think your reading of his character is excellent. He shouldn't be playing with fire if he hasn't got the sense to hold the right end of the poker...

  2. I guess somebody is in deep and deserved shit and it's all of his doing and his lack of care about anybody else in his life. Good for you, my friend, for taking the stance you have.

  3. Well done you!!! Stick too it! Sorry if I'm out of line here, but he does sound a bit dumb to have been texting while she was around..duh

  4. Wow, I can see I've got some background reading to do to get up to speed on this saga. My curiosity is peaked!!

  5. Salina...
    Hope atlast u convinced urself.......

  6. I agree with Steve (again), The Tosser seems to have been flirting with exposure for a few posts now and it might be ok for him as he doesn't seem to be able to commit to anyone but it has been very unfair of him to put you in a position where things could be quite nasty. Don't get the speed wobbles now, lovey, stick to your guns. And I know I'm probably completely out of line by suggesting that maybe you could try and throw a bit of passion back into your own nest, you might even be surprised! I'll apologise now but you are the one who has more to loose than him. I'll get my cocktail shaker out, looks like a windy night ahead...xx