Friday, 25 June 2010

Dress Your Age

A few weeks ago when it was still cold and the sun was refusing to shine, I was rummaging though my wardrobe when at the back I found a skirt that I had forgotten all about because I had grown out of it. I was quite excited seeing it again and I remembered that I hadn’t tried it on since losing all that weight last year. And so I stepped into it and yay, it fit. In fact, without wanting to boast (well OK just a bit) it was slightly loose !!

It’s a lovely black fitted skirt which flares out just about the knee and is very flattering. I wore it with a long black jacket and sheer (not opaque) tights and I have to say, I felt very cute as I looked at myself in the mirror.

However, as I came down the stairs to my darling teenagers who were waiting for me to drive them to school, my son said “Lordy, Ma! you’ve forgotten to put your trousers on” !! I knew what he meant immediately and as I looked in the mirror it did appear as if I had come down in just the jacket, tights and heels !! I asked my daughter if it was that bad and she put her head to one side and looked for a second before judgement and then proclaimed that my skirt was too short for someone my age !!!!????!!!!

All that delight at finding something that fit again evaporated in an instant! I looked a fool. What’s worse an old fool trying to look young !

It’s in the charity bag now.

Thing is, I really want to take it back out. I’ve actually got good legs. They are quite long from the knee to the ankle which gives the impression that I’m showing a lot of leg when I wear a shorter skirt but actually I’m not! It’s not as if I wear miniskirts like my daughter that barely cover her pert little bottom. Maybe though, at my age, shorter flirty skirts are quite simply a no-no.

I’m fortunate that even without the use of botox (yes, really), I look quite a lot younger than I am which is great but it means I’m confused about what to wear. I’m not ready to dress like my mother but I really shouldn’t be dressing like my daughter. Not that I would ever borrow her clothes but she takes mine which suggests what I’m buying for myself is too young. But I shop in mumsy places like Wallis and Monsoon and Marks and I’m careful to buy things that I think are elegant and stylish - not fashionable.

I often see women younger than me dressing like the kids and bizarrely it has the effect of adding on decades. Teenage clothes don't make you look sexy - they just make you look old. I know that much.

The women who look great are the ones who dress in the way that’s best for them and I always thought that's what I did. Even though I’m slimmer than I was, I know I can’t wear tight skimpy clothes in the hope they’ll make me look curvaceous. I’ve always known that clothes that fit well and hint at what’s underneath are much more flattering for an older woman.

I have a confidence in my body and my sexuality now that I never had before but I still know that doesn’t make it OK to wear a mini-skirt. But goddammit, the skirt in the charity bag isn’t a miniskirt, just slightly shorter than I normally wear.

Oh bugger it! I’m off to rescue that skirt and whatsmore as the sun is shining brightly today, I’m going to wear my short white skirt…….with bare legs !!! So there.

If I’m going to do this getting old thing, I might as well do it disgracefully!


  1. What about a photo? ;-)

    Seriously though, if you have good legs flaunt them. I do.

  2. hahaha yay another selina!! not many that are spelled out way too!! people always forget my name though, bit annoying! i have issues of dressing too young and i'm 20! i always wear cute vintage dresses and sailor stuff but there are so many girl my age who get facials and fake tans and look about 25! you can't win!xx

  3. You should dress for you - to make you feel good. Forget about being "a mum" and fading into obscurity. Not that pretending to be a teenager is attractive, but you don't have to be dowdy. Have some fun!

  4. And you might as well paint your toenails too. Just go for it and enjoy it. I daren't wear short shirts anymore, but envy you if you can.

  5. I agree with Steve (as usual) if you've got it flaunt it. Mind you, there is something rather sad and tragic about the oldies who look dressed in the manner of youngsters and can't quite pull it off. If you find something that suits go for it!!

  6. There is a time and a place for short skirts and if you can wear it, love yourself for it. Make it a bit of fun. You sound sensible enough to not flaunt it at the wrong time. Enjoy.

  7. dont go quietly into the night...smiles. you should wear what you are comfortable with..what makes you feel good...its better than those ladies in sweat suits that should have been retired a long time ago...

  8. I'm torn. I mean, I think it's sad when I see these middle-aged women in juniors clothing, but then again, I'm a firm believer that if you got it, you should flaunt it!!! So, I guess, yeah, if it still fits and have the great legs for it, WEAR IT!!!! :D


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    Enjoy the fun!

  10. "The women who look great are the ones who dress in the way that’s best for them and I always thought that's what I did."

    Well there you have it.

    All teenagers think that their parents are weird and ancient, and balk at even the hint they might have a sexual side.

    If you have the body to pull off a skirt like that, go for it! It's not as if you're slipping into a tube top or something.

    You seem like you have a pretty good gauge on what is and what isn't age appropriate. You need to learn to have confidence in your own decisions, even if other people don't like them, because it's guaranteed that at least one person will take issue with what you do, no matter how well advised.