Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Did You Know

From time to time, I like to do a meme. They are a good way of focusing the mind and readers could find out something they didn’t know before. It’s also something any of you are free to take and use but I’m not going to tag anyone. Most of all though, it’s something to post when you can’t think of a single other thing to write about……

First memory
When I was little I had a childminder who took me on when I was less than a year old. She had a dog called Carly and apparently we were inseparable. She used to follow me around and there are some gorgeous black and white photos of the two of us together. I think my first memory is of her barking when I fell over in the back garden and started crying. She was adorable.
Religious faith
I was christened when I was a baby and it was important to me that I married in a Church and that I had my children christened and that my father had a Christian funeral. But I don’t go to Church regularly except on Christmas Day and maybe at Easter. I do find though, that when I’m on my own and see a Church open, I like to go in and spend some time in quiet meditation. I’m not clever enough to argue the point but I do believe that there is a higher power. Someone looking out for us. It’s an easy thing to shout down though and people often have when I have admitted this so I tend to keep quiet. It seems that most religions spread the same message of love and forgiveness and that can’t be a bad thing to follow.
Best friend
I don’t have one and I think that might be the root of my issues. I can’t seem to allow myself to get that close to any one person even though I surround myself with lots of people. I suppose my husband is my closest friend and increasingly, my daughter who recently I have been getting on so well with and who is turning out to be one of the funniest people I know.
Beauty routine
I’m a bit lax really. I don’t cleanse, tone and moisturise as often as I should although I seem to have gathered a collection of lavish, expensive products for the job. It’s easier just to wash my face with soap and water and then slap on loads of Nivea. I don’t wear that much make up during the day so that when I put lots on to go out, I feel dramatically different !
Best trait
I think that basically I am a kind, compassionate person and I know people are drawn to me because I am a good listener. I also have a loud laugh which people love to hear if they have just made a pathetic joke !!
Worst trait
Probably that loud laugh! And a seriously bad temper.
Blair babe, glam Cam
Oh per-lease !! Give me strength – there has to be another choice…..
Biggest regret
There are probably loads but I learnt long ago that there is no point dwelling on them. The most successful people seem to be the ones who learn from their mistakes and refuse to wish their life was any different.
Cat or dog person
Because of Carly, I always thought I was a dog person but when I was a teenager a very haughty ginger cat decided to adopt us. He just stalked in one day and stayed and surprisingly my mother let him. I think she recognised something of herself in him. Everything was on his terms. He came and went as he pleased, gave affection if he so chose and seemed to get pissed off and impatient very quickly and for no real reason. He was a complete pain in the arse….and I loved him to bits. He disappeared about three years after he first pitched up and we learnt that actually he really belonged to the family across the road who took him with them when they moved.
Last got drunk
Saturday, at a Come On Engerland party – shameful !
High maintenance
Uhmm…… have you not read this blog?? Of course I am - BIG TIME !!!
Backpacker or designer suitcases
Did you not read my last answer?? Definitely not backpacker – if it hasn’t got ensuite facilities and fluffy towels, I’m not interested !!
What clothing makes you feel good
Anything that makes me think I look good …..and I love it if I find something old that suddenly fits again!!
Signature look
Usually black trousers or skirt, with a colourful top and heels – very boring!
City or country living
I couldn’t live anywhere where there are no street lights!
Phone or text
I use the phone too much at work so I try to avoid it all other times and I hate talking into a mobile. I seem unable to do that quietly and still shout ….in that Dom Joly fashion!
Won the lottery what would you do
I fantasise about this all the time. Pay off debts, make sure the children have what they need, give up my job and find a worthy charity who could benefit from my experience and some of my new found fortune!
I don’t play though so I’m not quite sure how that will happen …….


  1. Ah I have wasted many an afternoon at work fantasizing about winning the lottery. Years ago I used to opine that I would keep working if I won big time... now though there is no way I'd stay on at work. I'd be out the door like a shot and could fill my days quite happily writing, studying and travelling. Bring on those big money balls!

  2. Don't worry about the best friend thing. Conversely, I find that because I love my best friend so much, I can't appreciate my parents enough, or any love interest... so you're lucky to have your husband and your daughter as your closest friends. There's a silver lining, you know?

  3. I love these sorts of posts - I had you down as a cat person and yay I was right. I always think of elegant people as cat people (of course I am a dog person).

  4. Nice to get to know you a little better and, you know, nothing really surprised me in your responses. And yes, I too like the idea of streetlamps within my area of scrutiny.

  5. I asked you a while back what your husband's religious angle is when you said to me he's always saying something similar to a point I was making - remember? I'm still curious; indulge me.

    My best friend - I would trade a limb for that relationship; it would be less of a serious loss. I think that the foundation of deep friendship is total openness, vulnerability and goodwill - innocence of intent; you're not competing or anything like that. I guess you either find a friend who is absolutely honest and trustworthy or, failing that, you place your total trust in a friend with no incentive to harm you or steal your thunder.

  6. Good to know a bit more about you. I'm not sure about the best friend thing either. I have several friends, but none that I would describe as a 'best'. They're sort of a portfolio of friends for different circumstances I suppose.

  7. cool little insights...hmm...been a while since i thought about winnin the lottery...i would probably get a cabin in the mountians...and travel...i hear you on a friend...they are important...hope you have a great weeekend!

  8. An interesting meme. I rather agree with most of your answers. Particularly the Big Win! If I dont enter, my lofty ideas will never be put into practise!!

  9. It looks like you have about 17 blogs right there and plenty to say. I think i'll follow you and see wht comes up.
    That reminds me, I played the Euro lottery last night and better go check my ticket.

  10. I'm pretty much the same way with the beauty regimen. I'm told all the time what a horrible gay I am, but I just don't have the patience for all the lotions and creams and whatnot (and, more importantly, I'm pretty sure they don't actually do anything).

    Having no regrets is a big one, too. Regret is so tortuous.