Thursday, 4 February 2010


I have been pondering the subject of bosoms a lot recently!

I think it started a few days ago when I passed a very well-dressed businessman on the stairs of the building where I work, who looked as if he should have been the perfect gentlemen. As he went by though, he coughed and I'm certain I heard him say "great breasts" !!! I chose not to react or say anything to him but I did think it was rather cheeky …..and brazen!

I do have rather good boobs!! Good in the sense that they are appreciated by the opposite sex (even my gay friends) and actually by some of my own fair sex who think I “wear them well” !! Considering my age, they are not bad although bigger than I would like which causes me backache at times. In fact, if I’m honest, I think they are freakishly big. As a friend once said, they are “Sunday Sport big”, which is probably fairly accurate.

Why do men like them big? What is it about them? Ewan is still very appreciative of them, even after all these years. They are bigger now than when we first got together probably because I had our second child so soon after the first. I was still breast-feeding when I got pregnant again so they never had a chance to go down. They have got bigger whenever I have put on weight but refused to go down when I’ve gone on a diet. In this last round of Matt-induced weight loss, I only went down half a cup size !

When I was at school, I had nothing. Zilch. Flat as a pancake. In the sixth form I was actually known as “Flatty” which distressed me no end. They finally arrived while I was at university and I think I had the perfect figure then for a while.

When Kyle was about two, I decided I really ought to get properly fitted for a bra and I found out that instead of being a 36C, I was in fact a 34E. E !!! So I bought a few bras and when I got them home, baby Kyle pulled one out of the bag and placed it on his head…and it fitted, like a little lace hat! Each of my boobs were/are the size of a baby’s head! How horrific a thought is that!!

I’m a DD now and although my bosoms look OK in my specially fitted, almost armoured bras, they are not so great hanging loose. As Lynn said in “Desperate Housewives” a few weeks ago, once you’ve had kids, they look more like a couple of balloons that you find behind the sofa a few days after the party!!!

Nevertheless, all I know is that there are very few men who can keep their eyes from straying downwards during a whole conversation - they don’t even seem to know they are doing it! I’m used to it and don’t mind. If I’m honest I’m quite amused, probably even flattered, by it. But what I really don’t like is the physical appreciation.

Let’s face it - no man brushes past a woman with big boobs, by accident !!


  1. Oh gosh. Where to begin? Do I even dare? I'm sure there are a lot of theories about why men are fascinated by breasts - was breast-fed too much / not enough as a child being the most common. Personally I think we are just geared up biologically to focus on erogenous zones and breasts are, I have to say, wondefully warm and tactile and I have passed many any hour... er... anyway, where was I? Not all men prefer the bigger boob - there are just as many who get their boats floated by the smaller, perter bosom but on the whole big boobs will snare a man's attention like nothing else on earth. Again I think men are just biologically geared up to home-in on a nice decollatage. I'd be dishonest if I said I didn't prefer the bigger bososm but you are wrong to think that "hanging loose" in any depreciates their look. I actually find a bit of "real womanness" a much bigger turn on than the impossibly pneumatic cones that are spread across the insides of most men's magazines. One thing is certain though, no man has the right to brush himself past a woman in order to cop a cheap feel - that is not on at all.

    P.S. Are there no photos to illustrate this post? (Only joking!)

  2. I like Steve's comment and appreciate his honesty.

    My daughter has the same problem as you only she's an "F" F!!! She has the hardest time finding bras that don't look like industrial strength breast girdles and her back hurts constantly but her biggest complaint is that men won't look her in the eye. They are constantly staring at her chest.

    Me? I have no idea what you're feeling and might like the experience at least once in my life. *sigh*

  3. Hilarious post! I am as flat as a pancake!!

  4. I'm a big busty kind of girl too! Am now a 36E, unfortunately the rest of my body has sort of caught up with my breasts and I'm now a size 16 so the boobs don't look as huge as they used to!

  5. Hey Selina, I'm not going to comment on your boobs except to say yes I've been blessed in the knocker department too! But I wanted to thank you for your comment on our new blog and to wish you all the very best xx

  6. still trying to get attention...tisk tisk tisk

  7. A lot of our staff are young, female and, ah, well-endowed. And prone to plunging necklines on an epic scale. My boss (who's female) occasionally wonders if she should say something and as (apparently) their boss I often wonder if I should. But we always wimp out.

    As she says, though, we do feel sorry for the boys in the office in summer who visibly don't know where to look in some meetings.

    Of course, I'm far too old and monogamous to notice. Really.

    P.S. Anonymous, you'll find it's generally written "tsk, tsk, tsk." No, don't thank me. Happy to correct your ignorance any time.

  8. ah well, its always good to keep abreast of what others are blogging about, that way you don't make a tit of yourself by blogging the same thing.
    An uplifting post, Selina. I actually went bra-hunting at the weekend, so many wonderful styles to choose from until you get to the 'agricultural sizes' - must be damned annoying to have stuff all choice at that size!

  9. I've read that men are predisposed to like bigger breasts, because they like curvey women, because curvey women are historically more fertile than skinny women. Thinking back to our hunter-gatherer ancestors, that makes some sense. If you're skinny, it might be that you don't get enough food, right? Curvy means plenty of food, and a better ability to carry and care for babies. I just wish the whole 'stick thin with big boobs' phenominon had never become popular. Because very, very few women are naturally stick thin with big boobs. I had a friend who was, but she got breast reduction surgery, because her back hurt too much.

    Me? I'm a 34D right now. 34C when I'm at my favorite weight. I like my breasts and feel that they're a good size...not too big, not too small (if they were smaller my big ass would be more obvious!). The only time I have trouble with men staring at them is if I wear something sexy and low cut. Even then, I've had my share of inappropriate touching and comments, and I don't envy my more well endowed sisters.

  10. No word verification for that comment was 'brest'. HA!

  11. In high school, I once wore a girls bra as a "butt bustier" true story. Oh how we laughed.

    This is all to say that my butt is the size of most people's boobs - which is embarrassing for me.

    I am sure you have absolutely delightful breasts (is that weird to say?)

  12. Breasts are all wonderful. My first wife was small-ish, my 2nd and current were large. Love them all. My goodness but you've brightened up my day with this posting.