Thursday, 25 June 2009

In Sypmpathy

Thinking about my dad so much has made me feel a bit low over the last few days.

It's the reason I couldn't bring myself to take up Matt's offer to go round to his flat on Monday. When he asked again yesterday, I felt that I owed him him an explanation and ended up talking for ages about my dad. Surprisingly, he listened to me. I mean he actually listened (as opposed to putting me on loudspeaker while he got on with other things!!) and seemed to be sympathetic. He told me how sorry he was and that he couldn't imagine how he would feel if anything happened to either of his parents and that of course he understood and would "leave me be" for a while. I couldn't quite believe this was the same Matt I was used to talking to.

This morning I came into an email from him:
"Hiya. How are you feeling? Is there anything I can say or do to make you feel better? I don’t like thinking of you being so down, it's so unusual for you. A face as beautiful as yours should always be smiling. xxx"

I have to say it did make me smile. What is going on with him? Why is he being so nice - so thoughtful, compassionate and unselfish ??
"You're a sweetheart!" I replied "Thank you but I'm fine, honestly. xxx"

I had hardly sent it, when his reply pinged back:
"Good! You can get yourself round to mine then as soon as possible because I want to make every tiny bit of you the sole object of my total and utter sexual pleasure. xxx"

Deep sigh! What was I saying about unselfish compassion ......