Thursday, 11 December 2008

The Deed Is Done

It didn't take long for Matt to name the day - we arranged to meet yesterday. I took the day off work, he called in sick and once I had seen Ewan and the kids off to work and school, I headed round to his flat.

Once again, the door to his flat was ajar but this time I didn't see him as I walked into the hall. I turned around to close the door behind me and there he was. He shut it and moved towards me saying nothing but just looking me straight in the eye. As much as I wanted to do something sensible like walk away into his sitting room or say something funny, I felt rooted to the spot as he approached me, unable to speak or even breathe. He took my bag from my hand and dropped it to the floor and pushed my coat off my shoulders and draped it over the bag, all the time never taking his eyes off of me.

He took my face in his hands, stroking my cheek with his finger. And then, he kissed me, very tenderly. And as the kiss got more passionate he pushed me back gently, into his bedroom with his mouth still on mine and before I knew it we were on his bed. And now his kisses were hungry and passionate and I felt helpless to do anything but respond. His hands were all over me and my body just wanted to give in but suddenly, it was as if a warning bell sounded in my head and I pushed him off.

His arms were back round me in seconds but this time he just stroked my hair and told me it would be all right, that he wouldn't push me and that he was sorry that he had gone so fast but that he hadn't been able to sleep all night because he was thinking about being with me. We talked for a while then - I can’t even remember what about, but it was mainly about him.
He kept kissing me though and telling me how beautiful I was and laughed when I asked if this was a practised routine. He said that no one had made him feel this turned on in a long time and that he hadn't stopped thinking about me since that first time I was in his flat and that he was actually worried about the effect I was having on him.

In between talking we fooled around a bit but after an hour or so, after he had succeeded in getting my top off, I felt I needed to call time and leave. He was fine about it, said he didn't want to pressure me into anything I didn't want to do. He got up, gave me his hand and pulled me up off the bed. As I tried to button up my blouse though, he kept kissing me and telling me that I was the most gorgeous woman he had ever been with and when I laughed and told him that didn't wash as Kelly was stunning, he looked at me and said she wasn't me. He looked so serious for a minute that I couldn't resist kissing him again, and this time it was even more passionate than before.

Before long, he pulled away and said, if I was going to go I needed to do it straight away or he wouldn't be responsible for his actions. I should have left then but I couldn't...or at least I didn't want to. He told me again that he was losing control but I kept kissing him and suddenly, he became the tiger I knew he was and pounced. He pushed me back on the bed and that was it - very wild, very passionate and ....very good. He made me feel so alive and beautiful and sexy. I didn't feel like the depressed 44 year-old frump that writes this blog all the time that I was in his arms.

It was nearly mid-day when I left and I have no idea how I got through the rest of the day but the family came home to a lovely meal and a clean, sparkling house with all clothes freshly washed and ironed.

Good sex has made me a superwoman I think !

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