Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Not Long Now

Gosh it’s been busy.

The organised Ms Selina Kingston seems to have run off into the wilds somewhere and left me with an incompetent creature who is still writing Christmas cards even though I’m sure the last posting date has passed.

She has had to take today off work so that she can get the food in and buy presents, if only for nearest and dearest, and then make pathetic excuses or raid the back shelves of cupboards to make do for everyone that has been forgotten, because no neatly compiled list has been written this year.

And the house is a complete mess. Even though her sister-in-law and family will be round on Boxing Day.

I think she just may have a breakdown before the Big Day.

So, if you read in the news that a woman has been found wandering the streets in just her vest and knickers crying/giggling/screaming/babbling away incoherently, you might just want to phone in to let them know it’s probably me.

Happy Christmas to you and yours!



  1. If that was me you were talking about I'd say "situation normal" and wish you a very merry Christmas! I shall certainly do the latter with the best wishes in the world. Have a lovely Christmas, Selina, and take care of yourself.

  2. Christmas cards done: zero.
    Christmas food shopping: zero.
    Christmas events attended: zero.

    Christmas is going to land on us like a large bomb.

  3. Selina, I wish you a merry Christmas. The best you've ever had if possible. And to all, readers and followers of this blog, happy Holiday Season.

  4. Slightly disorganised here too. I may be joining you wandering in the snow-lined streets wearing little more than a vest and knickers! I'll bring my hip flask if you bring yours. Together on a park bench somewhere we can get through this!!!
    Wishing you a very Happy Christmas!

  5. You'll get it done. I know you will. Happiest Christmas to you.
    And, as per your comment on mine, I value you in my life, as well.