Friday, 1 October 2010

Creating A Stink

My son has taken to wearing quite a lot of aftershave recently. I think it’s to alert everyone to the fact that he is now shaving but I had to tell him it was really too much and that it was never a good thing to be able to smell someone coming......long before you see them !

A couple of days ago, I picked him up from school and took him shopping for some new rugby boots and we stopped off for a coffee. While we there, we saw a bloke that used to live on our street who joined us for a bit and when he left, he gave me a hug and then said to Kyle “I love getting close to your mum, she always smells so divine” !!!

I expected Kyle to show that look of disgust that he normally displays if anyone says anything nice to me but actually he was nodding. He said that he agreed, I did always smell lovely and I nearly fell off my seat !

My darling son then went on to ask how I did it because he wanted to know how to smell good through the day without piling on loads of scent. And so, delighted at finally being asked for advice on something by one of my offspring, I told him my fragrance secrets.

At the moment, I have three perfumes on my dressing table, Chanel No.5 (which has been the one constant since I got married), Burberry Weekend and Cerruti 1881. I also have bath/shower gels and body lotions to match and basically I just layer.

Once I’ve decided on the scent of the day, I use it in the shower and as soon as I come out, with my skin still damp, I apply the appropriate body lotion and then I use the matching perfume under arm, in the crook of the arm, in cleavage, behind knees and …..on the soles of my feet ! Then about an hour later, just before leaving the house, I spray a light mist over my hair. At lunchtime, I’ll usually dab a little on my wrists and/or neck to see me through the rest of the day.

Ewan often says I smell lovely when he gets into bed and cuddles up to me and that still makes me happy, even after all these years.

So back to the boy, he was seriously impressed with his old woman’s advice and we went in search of something he liked and he chose the Obsession for Men range, which bizarrely came with a free pair of CK boxers ! And …..after just a day of his new fragrance regime. he told me the new girl in his class who he has fancied from afar for the last couple of weeks asked him if he wanted to “hang out” some time !

Yes! The sweet smell of success. I am a genius …


  1. Wish someone had taught me those secrets of success when I was at school - I might have managed to get a girlfriend before I was 30!

  2. nice. way to bring him along...i like the smell of obsession...

  3. It sounds like you smell as sweet as you write!!

  4. Good advice, and it doesn't surprise me you are as fragrant as you are charming and lovely. (I mean, I've never actually seen you, but I know you're lovely). And your taste in scents is superlative. Good old #5 always works for me at the level it is supposed to. Tell your son to be judicious about cologne, or he might risk the comment a friend of mine made to a young guy: "Christ you stink like a Baghdad Brothel."

  5. What is it about young men and after shave! As a teenager (and started to shave - except it was fluff) I would splash on "Old Spice", "Brut" and "Tabac". To hell with whether the rest on me stunk to high heaven as long as my cheeks were sweet.

    Now, I have 4 l'eau de colognes I use at any one time. Except they change because I buy from Fragrance Direct and always go for their bargains. At the moment on our bathroom shelf is "Tzar" by Van Cleef and Arpels - quite heavy but with lighter notes. It's a bit one dimensional when first applied but it develops until it wraps you in a warmth and unctuousness that is brilliant. Then there's "Santos de Cartier" which I find is a bit heavy but reeks expensive. Then there's my two Givencys "Monsieur De Givency" which is me. It's light hearted, refreshing but has a real heart to it; and "Xeryus"has the scent of Persia! or something like that. Finally for squash I use Davidoff "Adventure". That's because it comes with a shower gel. It's ok but I find American smells far too synthetic - it's to do with how they fix the perfume.

    As I said these will change. I've recently finished "Habit Rouge" by Guarlain, and Boucheron. "Habit Rouge", starts, for me at least to be a bit overpowering - it's extremely cleansing, but as the day progresses it moderates and moulds itself to your own scent. My wife loves it.

    I too layer, but not usually intentionally and the effects are invariably a delight.

    Scent - one of life's delights. If you're feeling off colour; it's the best buy you can make for £40. Oh, delete that: for £40 you can buy a to die for Pinot Noir!!!!

    My wife uses Chanel No5, bath oil and cologne and any of my scents.

  6. How sweet when they discover the way to attract the opposite sex. I used to wear perfume, but it caused my husband to sneeze, so had to give it up. Pity really.

  7. I'm with you on Chanel No. 5. It's been in my repertoire since late teens (as present from an older lover) but I don't know your other two choices. I might have to go and find a tester or two.

    I've never tried layering - I spray intermittently throughout the day but the only perfume that ever lasts on me is 'Joy' by Patou (and I just can't afford it any more - boo).

  8. I'll have to check. Supermum has an arsenal of scents but I suspect she never actually uses them on a regular basis. Pity. God knows I've spent enough on them.

  9. This is something that perhaps I should start doing. I'm so clueless about anything beauty related, but if I'm to be proper about this whole "gay" thing I might want to consider manning up.

    That's a very clever regimen, by the way. I've often wondered how people certain keep themselves smelling wonderful all day.

  10. Oh Selina, I am SO-oh glad you set him straight. One of my pet peeeves is when I smell a boy WAY before he has arrived or LONG after he's departed. Worse is when it covers my clothes after I hug him. EW.