Saturday, 28 August 2010

And The Results Are …

So on Monday, I trotted along to the hospital for my morning appointment expecting to have to wait for ages but once I had given my name, the consultant came out to greet me and took me into his office.

He asked me how I was feeling and when I said nervous, he said he was sorry that he hadn’t spoken to me over the phone but that he preferred to speak to his patients face to face.

He went on to explain that the reason that it had taken a while to get back to me was because he had wanted to discuss my case at the monthly MDT meeting with a pathologist and oncologist. Just hearing the world oncologist made me freeze inside as I immediately thought the worst.

However the situation is, although the colposcopy examination showed that my cervix is clear the biopsies showed that there are some pre-cancerous cells further up the neck of the womb. This is what is worrying them and so I need something called a cone biopsy. This is a small operation which will cut away a cone-shaped section of the affected area that will remove the abnormal cells and offer them a larger sample to examine and see if there is any need for further treatment.

He was keen to point out that at this stage there are no invasive cancer cells as far as they can see and that hopefully this procedure along with smear tests every four to six months will prevent any further abnormalities developing.

I felt quite relieved after he put it like that and then he suddenly said that he didn’t want to waste any time and his day for surgery was Thursday and he would like to schedule me in the same week. I mumbled something about it being too soon and he then said that he could delay it until the following Thursday but that he didn’t want to leave it any longer as it was quite important to carry out this treatment as quickly as possible. I asked him why and he said if there were abnormal cells further up in the womb they would need to act quickly.

Why do doctors talk in such contradictory terms? One minute he made me feel that this is all just a regular procedure and then suddenly it sounded almost like life and death with his sudden urgency to get it done.

Remarkably though I feel quite calm about it all now. It all seems fairly straightforward and the consultant is kind and seems very competent, if lacking in the best bedside manner !

Anyway, I’ll be in hospital this coming Thursday and Friday and then a few days off work to recuperate. There are a various things I should apparently refrain from for about four weeks after ….. including sex.

Ewan says that will be no change from usual then !!


  1. It sounds to me like the doctor's are just ensuring that all possibilities are being covered and they are keen to get you all sorted and healthy and home again as soon as possible. They are just being very precautionary I think - and with medical issues, being safe rather than sorry is much the best ethos. Good luck!

  2. I'm thinking of you. Keep busy and it will be over before you know it. Well done for even remembering all the doctor speak in the first place.

  3. smiles. i am glad you find humor...and relief...i hope the biosy goes well and you can put all of this behind you soon...

  4. Give Ewan a slap from me!

    I like going into hospital - it's nice being the near centre of attention and having others look after you. I hope it's that for you.

    Now you know and it looks to be not as worrying as you had feared. And a few days off work. You can catch up on your blogging.

  5. I wish you a quick recovery. I think you'll be alright; if they thought there was anything seriously wrong, they would probably tell you.

    It's a good thing they found these cells before they developed into something threatening.

  6. Crikey! But at least it sounds like a textbook "in good time" case and you're doing everything that you should be doing. Think of the draft posts you'll be able to stockpile...

  7. He sounds a fine consultant to me and isn't it better to get all this over with. Once you are there the worry will dissipate somewhat - it's these days of waiting that are the worst. Imagine if he'd said 'come in in about three months' - you'd had had weeks of angst and torment.

    Good luck for Thursday, Selina

  8. These things are never pleasant are they but your doctor sounds like he knows what he's doing (and so he should). I agree it's better to get it over with rather than spending months worrying. Good luck. I'll be back to find out how you are getting on x

  9. My mate Sue had the very same thing and she is fine and dandy all these years later. Enjoy the "me" time you get, and as for the 'no sex' thing, there are other ways to kill a cat other than choking it on cream!

  10. I will definitely be thinking of you and a hiatus from sex is not too big a sacrifice. And I agree with Barry, give Ewan a slap. Anyway, please keep in touch about it all. You're one of the really good ones in my life.