Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Political Game

So after the recent political hiatus, things seem to be settling down but I have found it all absolutely fascinating.

I've stopped short of posting what I think here over the election period, but comments I have left on other blogs have probably given away my political allegiance! I thought though, just for a bit of fun (and in a massive name-dropping exercise!!), I would give my take on some of the leaders that I have met over this campaign and leave you to match the names to the descriptions - some of them were surprising, I have to say…..

Over the last six weeks or so at the various events I have been involved with, I have met Gordon Brown, David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Alex Salmond, Ieuean Wyn Jones and Nick Griffin !
And here in no particular order are descriptions of each:

a) Very charming and he greeted me, as he did last time we met, with a warm handshake and an apology for forgetting my name. He seemed genuinely interested in what I would be doing over the election period and had a lovely twinkle in his eye when he spoke about his family. He apologised again for breaking our conversation when an aide came to tell him something. He then revealed with a deep laugh that it was the latest football score for his team.

b) More pleasant than I expected but he tried too hard to be personable which worked against him. He pretended too hard to be interested in what I was saying, nodding away like a Churchill dog. He tried to be tactile too, even though it didn't come naturally and so made me want to recoil. The people around him looked really quite scary and I didn't feel at all comfortable in his presence. He was like an awkward overgrown schoolboy.

c) Very entertaining! The sort of person I would love to go out to dinner with as he tells a story well, though he has a very sharp side as I saw him cut someone down in a discussion about tax. However I know he took a shine to me and he made me laugh a lot and in turn, laughed at a couple of things I said which is always a winning quality as far as I'm concerned! We talked about the X-Factor versus Strictly Come Dancing and how he thinks British TV drama is pathetic compared to what the Americans do. I loved him and he clearly loves the company of women.

d) This one reminded me of my dad a bit. Nothing to do with age or the way he looks but just something quiet and unassuming about him that seemed quite unusual for the leader of a political party. I warmed to him although he wasn't the best conversationalist I have ever met. We had a jazz band at the event and he was quite enthusiastic about them. He just seemed faintly old-fashioned and I liked him because of it. He didn't even seem to have a mobile phone - just kept talking into the ones his aides kept bringing over. Very cute!

e) I was genuinely shocked that he looked at my boobs as he shook hands with me. He was polite enough but not particularly warm although he did keep touching my arm during conversation in a very practised way. I noticed his ready smile always faded quickly and that he spent more time with his aides than in working the room.

f) Polite and pleasant enough but also somewhat aloof and clearly indifferent to anyone when there wasn't a camera around. I got the sense that he wasn't listening to me during our brief chat and was too busy looking round the room for better opportunities. The only thing that did impress me was that he came over to say goodbye and remembered my name (I'm so easily enamoured by that sort of thing, I can't tell you) !!

So that's it and now, I leave it to you to work out. Bet you don't get them all right ......


  1. Tell. Us. The names.

    Don't be bad.

  2. B = Brown
    E = Griffin
    A = Cameron

    Am I right so far?

  3. Given the reference to 'scary people' I might swap B and E there. I reckon A = Salmond (oh but he could be C), F = Cameron, d = Jones... Does that mean I'm saying C = Clegg. Oh I don't know... tell!!




  4. oh this is a tease...come on do tell...smiles.

  5. Having met one of them at work last week, I probably shouldn't guess. But it worries which one I think is Nick Griffin

  6. I'll take one "A" and one "C", please. You may keep the rest...Selena's commentary on them has made them undesirable to me.

  7. I'm sure I posted a comment here last night! However, I have no idea - altho' I suspect the warm and cuddly one might be Brown.

  8. Oh I'm guessing the first is Gordon, the second is David, the third is Ieuean Wyn Jones, the fourth, Alex Salmond, the fifth Nick Griffin, and finally Nick Clegg. Please tell me I got at least one right...

  9. So, which one looked at your boobs? That could tell two things about him. a)that he is warm blooded, human and heterosexual or b) he is a creep.

  10. I always think that it means I'm warm-blooded, human and heterosexual but I expect others to think it means I'm a creep. What's that about!? I used to feel slightly guilty if anyone saw me discreetly checking out A THIRD PERSON from across the street.

  11. OK so here goes - sorry for taking so long.

    Only G and Nota Bene got any right and then only three between them. G got 2 (but could have got three!!) and Nota got 1.

    So that's three (possibly four) matched correctly which just leaves two to get! My head hurts already trying to comprehend that!!

    Of course, I can't tell you the answers here but it's fascinating that it proved quite difficult.

    Hee Hee !!

  12. Oh I wish I knew which was which.

    Anyway I enjoy it here so much your blog has now been clamped to my sidebar so I can keep a better eye on you.

  13. funny to think about the image of him under your observations.
    good luck!

  14. What vibrant descriptions! They come over as real people. Of course, I could only identify one of them (Gordon Brown) and know nothing of his personality, so I don't associate any of the men's names with carefully-crafted public images.