Wednesday, 14 October 2009

The Thin Blue Line

It really was quite a pathetic attempt at a cliffhanger, wasn’t it?

I did the test as soon as I got home from Kim’s house and had a momentary panic when I saw the blue line, but that of course was to tell me that I had done it all properly. The next window was blank. I’m not pregnant!

I'm so stupid. There was never any real danger that I would be - and for the record, it could only have been with Ewan's baby. I guess it was wishful thinking on my part or that old drama queen in me coming to the surface to try and take centre stage with some new crisis.

Seeing Nancy pregnant did make me feel somewhat envious even though it’s actually the last thing she really wants. She’s already got three – Michael (16), Minnie (14) and Marnie (12). They are all now at high school which should have meant more time for her. But now, at forty five, she’s about to have twins. And she doesn’t know if she can cope.

I guess, if I found out that I was pregnant I don’t think I would be able to manage either. As lovely as it would be to have a little baby to look after again, it would be a complete nightmare at this stage of my life. I love reading the yummy mummy (and daddy!) blogs and they make me smile and remember how lovely it was having my babies. I do reflect though on how I would cope now with tantrums and early mornings and lack of sleep and constant attention. The conclusion is that, overall, I am satisfied with the way things are thank you. Job done !

Trouble is, as my periods get lighter and less regular, I know that it won’t be long before I can’t have a baby and that’s doing strange things to my head. It’s that whole wanting what I can’t have thing.

It’s also the desire to be needed. As my children grow older they need me less and I’d be lying to say that doesn’t affect me. Of course I’m glad that they are growing up into mature, independent, wise young people but I don’t want to feel discarded.

Oh enough of all this! That is definitely the last pregnancy test I ever buy. Menopause is approaching. It won't be that long before a little voice is calling me Granny Selina!

I may as well put my greying hair in a bun, sit in a rocking chair and give up now !


  1. I don't think you're ready for the rocking chair just yet, Selina! ;-)

  2. Come on, babe...grow old disgracefully with the rest of us!

  3. I think the menopause will take a little longer than that...And yes, having babies at 46 is wonderful but there are one or two drawbacks. Utter ongoing exhaustion being the first thing that springs to mind...

  4. You will still be needed! Maybe not in the same way, but needed none the less. At least that's what I keep telling myself! The utter exhaustion dadwhowrites above talks about does NOT appeal, I definitely could'nt cope with that again. Growing old 'disgracefully' sounds much more fun!

  5. Crap! I wrote this whole comment this morning, or even yesterday, about how your kids still need you. and I need my mom and it was fabulous and just cannot be recreated.

    The point: They'll always need you. The End.

  6. They do always need you it's true. But I know exactly what you mean, i think we're probably about the same age and I've been eyeing little newborns lately in the knowledge it will soon be a closed door.

  7. Don't think old! Think FREE! You have a ton of life left to live & enjoy!