Friday, 22 May 2009

All Is Well

Things have been very good with Matt recently. He has been so lovely to me. Very attentive and very different to how he was back in March. I am enjoying our time together even though I'm aware I seem to be with him all the time at the moment, which I know is dangerous.

I definitely have the power in the relationship at the moment as he is the one doing all the running. He starts texting from early in the morning and there is usually an email waiting for me when I get into work saying how much he enjoyed the day before and pushing for a time when we can get together again.

And when I'm with him, he's much sweeter and gentler than he ever was before. It's as if he's really trying hard to make amends. He's still incredibly passionate though - I don't know where he gets his energy from. He makes me feel as if he can't get enough of me and he's constantly telling me how gorgeous/hot/sexy I am and how much I turn him on. It really is a great ego boost for a maturing woman and very clever as it reaps plenty of rewards for him!

I don't feel this can last much longer at this level but I just want to enjoy it while I can and not think about how wrong it all is.

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  1. Enjoy and go with the moment. May life all work out as it should.