Friday, 11 November 2011

Twittering Away

Wait for it! You’re not going to believe this … but I am now on…. Twitter !!

It was a struggle.

Until now, I’ve left all this social networking to the younger people in my team at work who seem to be on Facebook all the time. It has just never appealed to me although I have increasingly noticed that at events, people I meet often invite me to find them on Facebook or LinkedIn! Why do that? Why not just give me a good, old-fashioned business card ?

Anyway, recently I have noticed that my colleagues have been keeping abreast of news and events by following Twitter and so when I expressed a vague interest in how it works, one of them took me aside and showed me, with great delight, just how useful it is, as a PR tool.

So, I have become a convert and now I tweet away. Initially, I just stalked a few people and companies and then I started putting out a few tweets about events we were involved with and now I regularly treat the world to my personal insights and I seem to have amassed quite a few followers.

I’m a bit disappointed that I enjoy it so much as I wanted to maintain my curmudgeonly attitude to it all. But it’s OK as I can still do that with Facebook ! Thing is, I totally get Twitter as a work aide but I don’t really understand the pleasure I get in announcing that I’m about to watch #Jamie Oliver. Who cares?

Also, I follow a few celebrities (some of whom I have actually met) but I keep falling into the trap of thinking when they tweet, somehow they are interested in my response …amongst the thousands of others they get ! And then I feel stupid that I did it, and that everyone can see what I sent, even though I’m not doing it as a pathetic fan desperate for attention but as someone who has interacted with them in the past ….even if only for a few minutes. I must stop doing that, but it’s still a learning process.

I’m afraid you probably won’t find me, if you look, as I’m there under my @realname but if you are on Twitter and notice an unfamiliar follower reading your tweets, you may find you do know her after all !

Tweet-tweet !!


  1. i am an on again, off again tweeter...i really dont get the over all thrill but i usually show up one a day or so...smiles. maybe i will see you there...

  2. I've never ventured into the Twitter realm but if somebody like you (who I, ahem, admire greatly) gets good things from it, I might just reconsider. No promises, mind you.

  3. It took me FOREVER to get into twitter, but now I use it like a free text messaging service to blog friends around the world (I don't have a smart phone so I can only tweet on my computer).

    I hope you'll look me up on twitter (I'd come find you but clearly have NO place to start with the whole "real name" thing :)

  4. I was once on twitter but came off it. I'm not really sure I get blogging all the time and twitter even more so.

  5. Ditto, haven't used it...I seriously doubt that people in the real world even have an interest in what I say let alone the cyber world! Am away to make a seriously cool drink for Owen to toast his photographic success!

  6. I joined and deleted my Twitter account twice - even you being there won't tempt me back

    Missed ya!


  7. You're on Twitter? Well, well well! But invisible so that doesn't count :-)

  8. Greetings From Southern California

    Have fun tweeting :-)

    Thanks for your recent visit to My Blog

    Take care and have a nice Thanksgiving :-)