Monday, 5 September 2011

Did You Miss Me ???

Oh, it’s been a very long time !

Lots of reasons. Primarily work. In June, we were given a last-minute contract to work on a huge project and so everyone in the company has dropped everything to concentrate on what we need to do. My role has seen me travelling up and down the country, meeting with various people and although I do love that, it has been so incredibly tiring.

In between that I have had to fit in with my family, trying to join them for bits of holiday in Cornwall, the Peak District and Ireland. They seemed to be quite happy carrying on without me!

And then, in the odd bits of time I have had free, I’ve tried to blog but I often couldn’t access my site. When it did let me log on, I had no access to my blogroll of fellow blogger sites or to my followers. I can’t tell you how frustrating that was, especially as sometimes it would let me comment on some blogs but most of the time, it wouldn’t even let me type in the comment box.

I toyed with the idea of giving it all up, especially as the next year is going to be so busy for me but the thought of that was too distressing and so I persevered whenever I had an opportunity. And then finally this week, (and don’t laugh, you all know how technically rubbish I am!!), I noticed a warning that I swear I never saw before, that said my blog was no longer supported by Internet Explorer. OK, OK, I can hear you all laughing, but why should I know that ??!! So, I’ve switched browsers and now I have my precious blog back to how it was, with pictures of followers and My Blog List back and I can’t tell you how happy I am – it’s as exciting as when I first started. I just have to hope that you lot are all there and haven’t abandoned me. We shall see ………

Anyway, thanks for those who emailed and commented, wondering where I was. It was nice to be missed.

And for those of you who didn’t, DID YOU EVEN REALISE I WAS GONE ????


  1. Yes, of course, we were all desparately concerned. As I mentioned to my neighbour recently, "I'm worried about Selina". She thought you might skipped the country or else were being held at her majesty's pleasure.

    Nothing so exciting!

    Ah well good to have you back. And glad someone in this country has growing business.

  2. I noticed, I noticed! I've been struggling with work as well this summer. Not to mention summer holidays!

  3. So lovely to see you back! Now my blog universe is complete and warm again!

  4. smiles. glad to see you back...will call off the town meeting, everyone had gone to get pitchforks and torches to come look for you...smiles.

  5. I've missed you every minute of everyday!

    Welcome back!

  6. Good to have my cocktail buddy back! Cheers, there's a cold one waiting for you at my place altho' you will need to supply your own glass as we lost practically all of them in the June shakes! :-)

  7. Welcome back! Of course you were missed :)

    Your job sounds very full on - and I hope that you're getting to take some time out for you too!

  8. Good to see you back. I too have been a miss lately.