Wednesday, 25 May 2011

The Law Of Attraction

I thought this might happen one day and on Monday evening, it did.

I got mugged.

It happened on my way home from work, on my own street! I had just turned the corner and I saw this black guy a little way off walking towards me. His hoodie was up and his jeans were typically halfway down his legs with chains hanging off his pockets. I remember fleetingly wondering if I should cross the road and then got really annoyed with myself for thinking like my mother, so I stayed very firmly on my intended route.

It all happened very quickly and silently.

As he passed me, he suddenly pushed me against the wall and tried to pull my bag away. I had it over my shoulder and was holding on to it and stupidly I thought, “You’re not having this. Ewan got it for me at Christmas and I’ve only just started using it so no, piss off!” and I pulled it back. He then grabbed both my arms, pulled me forward and hit me across the face.

It’s strange as it all seemed to happen in slow motion and so I sort of saw it coming and managed to steel myself against it. I think because of that it didn’t hurt as such but the force threw me back against the wall and I saw stars…just like in the cartoons!

He probably would have got my bag then but my neighbour Nathan was just getting out of his car and he shouted out and ran over. He’s a big guy and so my attacker scarpered.

The whole thing was over in a matter of seconds and I didn’t have time to be scared really. But Nathan was such a hero. He doesn’t even live here anymore as he and Tamsin split up a while back but he comes over regularly to see the children. He walked me to my door and tried to persuade me to call the police but I knew it was pointless. I don’t even remember what this guy looked like and he didn’t get my bag in the end, so what’s the use?

My face isn’t marked or swollen and I’m not in any pain but I do admit to feeling slightly shaken. I rarely ever bruise but this has left me with a huge blue-black patch on the inside of my right arm where he grabbed me. There’s a tiny one in the same place on my left arm but it’s the right one that is really a beauty and I’m almost quite proud of it, in a ridiculous way.

I should be much more upset about the whole incident but I’m not. It’s not bravery – I just think it’s a kind of resigned acceptance that something like this was bound to happen at some time or other.

My mother had a chain snatched from her neck many years ago and since then I’ve almost been waiting for my turn. Unfortunately, it’s probably just part of life if you live in or around London.

Ewan strongly disagrees and says it actually proves the law of attraction which he is really into. That because I’ve been expecting it, it happened.

Maybe I should apply that to, oh I don’t know, a millionaire lifestyle ??!!


  1. what?!?! this is crazy! i am glad you are ok...scary stuff!

  2. Hope you're OK and you don't lose your confidence.
    Do report it to the police - they build up pictures of crime and alter their patrols accordingly
    Feel better soon

  3. it's good that you're ok. got the same experience long time ago. it was my necklace then my bracelet. lucky i didn't get any scratches whatsoever. but i've learned my lessons well. i never walk about with jeweleries anymore. i don't even use my cellphone while on the road. haist! life! get well soon!

  4. Muggers in our part of London are much tougher. They'd have laid into Nathan as well.

    I think you should report it; if only because this guy may be operating in your area.

    I was mugged once. In the confusion I handed over the Tesco shopping I was carrying, but he soon put me right. He should have taken the shopping it was more valuable than the contents of my wallet.

    By the way, he was caught, having committed a load of muggings in the area.

    Glad you're not badly messed about.

  5. i agree with Marginalia. Better that the police know just for the report of it.
    I was flashed once in a church! it was horrible and though the guy just rubbed against me, I felt scarred.
    Glad you are ok and talking about it.

  6. Oh my, what rotten luck! Glad you weren't badly hurt, and I do think you should report it, the Whallopers do know whats going on in any given area and they might already have an idea of who it is.
    Take care, and precautions! :-)

  7. I hope that you're okay Mrs K. These things can take a long time to get over!

    You take it easy - and let me know if the millionaire thing works!

  8. You do need to report this to the police - in case the guy tries it again on someone else and is more violent to cut short the struggle that saw him flee empty handed this time. With CCTV these days you'd be amazed at how well the police can track people's movements.

  9. Sorry to hear about your incident but sounds like you came out of it reasonably unscathed - and glad that the bastard didn't nick your bag!

    So you live in London! Me too. Like you said there is a far greater preponderance of stuff like this that goes on in the big smoke. I agree that you should report it/ him though!

  10. Wow! That's quite a story! I'm glad your OK. And I thought we had all the muggers living here in Los Angeles and New York. Sadly, I guess they are all over the world now :-(

  11. Christ! Well, at least you're okay (been rather wrapped up in direness ourselves so haven't noticed but at least none of us have been mugged). I'd also add my voice to the chorus of people urging you to at least report it. It might have been an opportunist or it might be part of a pattern of a number of muggings. And if you saw him in a line-up, I bet you'd pick him out.

  12. Glad you're okay. Bruises can be quite fascinating; they sort of act like touchstones for a while.