Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Fancy Some More?

Sorry? Did I say everything was all right?? How very stupid of me. Of course, being Selina Kingston with a blog to fill and all, how could everything be all right?? There has to be more ….

So, after I wrote my last entry, I felt quite exhausted and went back to bed and I woke up to Ewan shaking me and asking me what was going on as I had been dozing for ages and how was I going to sleep through the night as it was now four in the afternoon.

I recall saying I needed to get to the loo but as I stood up I felt terribly dizzy and sick and that was it. The next thing I remember is waking up in hospital !

Apparently I had lost a lot of blood - it was all over the bed - and that sent my normally calm husband into a complete frenzy. He called the ambulance and it seems they were there in a matter of minutes and whisked me off to hospital.

Sasha later told me that it was like a scene from Casualty and if she hadn’t been so scared she would have taken the time to enjoy it, especially as the paramedic was “proper fit”!!! I’m really cross about that because he would have seen that I was wearing my old comfy, holey pyjamas rather than any one of the pretty sets that are in the drawer ! Not that I could have kept them on for long as I was back in that ubiquitous hospital gown within minutes of arriving!

It seems that a stitch had come out of my cervix, hence the excessive bleeding and so they told me that they were going to cauterize the area and then pack it. Nice ! They did it while I was awake but gave me a sedative. Ewan was asked if he wanted to come in to hold my hand and he said yes ! He has since told me it was the worst decision of his life as he thought he was going to pass out !!!

As it was so late by the time they carried out the procedure, they decided to keep me in overnight to monitor the bleeding and my blood pressure but I was home again by lunchtime. Again, I slept for most of the day but this time when I woke up, I felt much better. I have to stay off work now for the rest of the week and they want me back in tomorrow to check all is well.

My mother is still clucking around me – it’s so unnerving! She made her famous tomato soup to help my recovery but Ewan announced that he couldn’t have any as he will never be able to face anything red again !!

That made me laugh so much that I swear another stitch has gone ……


  1. I'm guessing he won't be quaffing Bloody Mary's in the pub either...! It sounds like you've had quite an adventure! Very glad to hear you're OK though.

  2. wow. all that just to get a blog post...smiles. scary stuff....glad you were ok though and they were ablke to take care of it in time...

  3. Oh. My. God.

    No more raw steak for Ewan, then?

    Seriously, what a horrendous experience! Thank goodness the ambulance was prompt. Hope that's the end of the cervix-related drama.

    Great post, though...

  4. Oh God, how awful. Hope you're on the mend now. Sasha's comment about the well fit paramedic made me smile!

  5. I'm with Ewan. I can't read your blog nowadays without feeling like I'm going to pass out!

    Please, no more episodes!

  6. Sorry to hear about your horrid medical mishap! Take it easy and perhaps erm, ease up on the laughing...

    By the way thank you for the very nice comment you added to my San Francisco post - it came through to me on email but for some bizarre reason has not shown up on the actual blog post! Oh well...

  7. I'm reading this with hands in front of my eyes, as I don't like blood. So glad to hear that you're better now, but far too dramatic for comfort.

  8. Eek - go on, back with the comfy holey pyjams and a day or two in bed with the latest glossies. Always an excuse to buy trashy reading matter.

  9. God, darling, you've had such a wretched time. May your days get brighter and brighter from this point on.

  10. Hope all is healing up well for you. I've been thinking about you.
    Did you have to bin the comfy pj's? I hate that.

  11. Oh, my gosh! I'm so glad you're okay.

    Your friend Sasha's reaction had me smiling.

  12. I'm also glad you are okay...and finally home for GOOD. Don't laugh too hard! Take it nice and slow...